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Workwrear since 1970

In almost 50 years of experience in the production of work and for promotional clothes, we learned that our customers deserve reliability and competence. When we strive to meet your needs to provide you with the most appropriate solution, the results are clear.

Our website is designed for you

We are not a supplier like everyone else, you can imagine this by exploring our site, designed to allow you to choose your favourite prodocts by yourself. You'll see how we are different when you'll test us.


To take the best care of our customers we made a choiche: cutting retailers and middlemen, and to accept only orders with a higher amount than € 1.000,00

Quality at the right price

We always guarantee excellent quality / price ratio for our workwear, because we sell it directly to our customer companies.

Plain relationship

We put our know how at your service, to help you in defining your corporate image and the suitable solutions to make your workwear or uniforms safe, comfortable and even stylish..

Put your brand on it

We can customize your work clothes according to your needs, aligning your employees' clothing with colors and business image, adding logos, prints, embroidery, swollen silk-screen prints, etc ... We can also design whole fashion workwear collection exclusively for your company.



The corporate image and the work uniforms

The suits that we put on for work, must absolve to determinate aims applied to the functionality or to certain standards of image, according to the context in which one finds us..

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   Each job its own garment: the certified clothes

When we think of a job or a task to be performed, we sometimes take it for granted that we want a number of tools and, of course, dress appropriately...

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  How to choose the working clothes

In a professional context is a must give the right value to things that are part of our daily lives. Even a simple object can have a major impact and working cloths are no exception...

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  How to preserve your own professional clothing

Our professional clothing style is not just a matter of choosing the best look or the most valuable work clothes...

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Via Inghilterra, 15a
35010 - Vigonza (PD)


Phone: +39 049.8640809

Partita IVA IT05160150289

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