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Below you can read and download our workwear catalogue that includes also certified garments, and the catalogue for formal uniforms.


See Catalogue Workwear 2020 - 2021



See our catalogue Corporate Wear 2020 - 2021


Workwear Catalogue

The Workwear Collection offers certified work clothing in different sizes, models and colors, to fit your work needs. The articles are divided by category (among which you can find certified workwear) and range (polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts,...), to ease your search.

Corporate Wear Catalogue

The Corporate Wear collection offers elegant clothing standard fit or slim fit. Garments suitable for the office, congress hostesses and museum guides. You have a vast choice among shirts, jackets, trousers and t-shirtsto create the work uniform most suitable for your needs.

Download Catalogue Workwear 2020 - 2021 Cast Bolzonella
Download Catalogue Corporate Wear 2020 - 2021 Cast Bolzonella

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