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Wherever your company is located, Cast Bolzonella offers a shipping and stock management service. We ship your customised workwear to Italy and the rest of the world: to your head office or to the branches you indicate to us from time to time, also taking care of customs procedures for each different country.
This aspect is very important because, especially when shipping outside the EU, the regulations and procedures linked to the export of goods (Export control) may have tariffs, customs classifications, procedures and obligations linked to certifications, which vary according to the country. 
Some countries may also be subject to sanctions or be blacklisted. Shipments to certain countries may be subject to restrictions imposed by geo-political bodies, such as the United Nations or the European Union. 
The black list usually includes countries with preferential taxation, so if you trade with them (above certain minimum thresholds) you must notify the tax authorities.
This can mean that there may be substantial restrictions on sending certain types of goods. 


We use only the best express couriers, shipping by land, sea and air, so that deliveries are always on time.
Our staff are also trained to communicate with overseas locations.





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