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Branding Techniques

Put your logo on it

Our techniques for a unique brand workwear and promotional clothes


Creating, tailoring and customize clothes means more than printing or embroidering your company's logo.

Cast Bolzonella offers a wide range of customization techniques that includes screen printing, embroidery and other advanced techniques, creating a unique and recognizable brand workwear. Find out which is the most suitable brand workwear personalization, as we suggest below:

•   Embroidery   •   Screen printing   •   Plotter   •   Labels and applications   •   Laser   •





This high quality, versatile and stylish technique is suitable for various type of clothing customization, also because preserving even the smallest details. Starting with a digital version of your company’s logo, via software tell an embroidery machine to performs resembling your brand colors by punching using yarns .This technique offers several effects ensuring uniqueness brand customizations.

Plain embroidery


This Is the most traditional processing technique: the machine draft "the logo" thanks to high density stitches and coloured yarns. This technique is very versatile and can therefore be used to customize any kind of clothes.

This type of machining is very versatile and can therefore be used to customize any workmanship.

Embroidered Patch


It allows to obtain a result very similar to the embroidery patch, except that instead of the shaped fabric, the bottom is embroidered directly from the machine. Due to the nature of this technique, to obtain good legibility, the minimum height of a capital letter is 5mm.
Also known as "cloth badge" it’s a fully embroidered single fabric piece that looks like a plain embroidery.
Once embroidered, the patch is applied with hem edge. 
Ideal to obtain a "ensign effect", guarantee customization visibility and durability.
We recommend it for all fabrics personalization, except for the very light ones, such as jersey shirts.

3D Puff embroidery


Also known as "3D puff embroidery", this technique allows to create reliefs up to 4mm (0,16")thick, thanks to special 3D materials inserted under each stitches.
This is a high stitch density embroidery, particularly suitable for large surfaces and logos with simple lines.
3D embroidery is used to customize all garments but is not recommended for very light ones, such as jersey T-shirts, etc.

Embroidery on reflective fabric


It is an embroidery made on a reflective fabric. The patch thus obtained is then fixed to the item of clothing, ensuring visibility even in twilight or dark conditions. For this reason we recommend the embroidery on reflective fabric to customize work clothes that can be used outdoors and/or in conditions of poor visibility.



Screen printing



Screen printing is one of the oldest printing techniques. It uses a frame, which was once a very light silk fabric, where the personalization is imprinted thanks to a light-sensitive gel. In this way a "mask" is obtained for applying the ink to the fabric. Using special inks, it is possible to obtain original effects, to give a unique look to your garments personalization.

Multicolor screenprint


Using multiple silk-screen frames, it is possible to put on one or more inks, allowing to create color shades as well. 
Particularly suitable for polo shirts and promotional T-shirts, it can be used on all our workwear lines.
To keep the print quality intact for a long time, we recommend washing the garment in reverse.

High density printing


This 3D speciality achieves its best effect when printed in layers. By introducing high temperatures in the curing process we causing ink raising into a high square stack.
High density printing is suitable for all non-padded work clothes. 
In order to keep bright colours we recommend to wash garment on the reverse side.

Puff printing


PUFF print  gives a softer relief effect than the thick one. It is made adding a special additive to the normal silk-screen ink.
Thanks to a rapid passage in a high temperature oven the print swells, thus giving a pleasant effect on personalization.
This type of processing is well suited to all clothes.

Heat transfer printing


Another very popular technique for brandishing company garments is hot stamping. It consists in the negative printing of the personalization on a special paper film called Transfer which will be printed on the fabric. The logo is then placed on the item of clothing that is indelibly impressed thanks to a heat press.This type of processing lends itself to the customization of all our items.
To keep the print quality intact for a long time, we recommend washing the garment in reverse.



Vinyl cut lettering


Heat Transfer Vinyl, or HTV for short, is a specialty vinyl that can be used on workwear and promotional products. It must be cut, and placed on the fabric for heat press application. Heat Transfer Vinyl is made in single colors and also has specialty options such as patterned, glitter, glow in the dark, and reflective.

This technique is suitable for all of our workwear collections. To keep all the print details, we recommend washing the garment in reverse.



Patches and labels


VIPLA and Digital patches


It is a PVC label that is applied hot on garments to be personalized. With a full base, it offers bright colors and the possibility of having shades of color.
This customization technique is well suited to t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, trousers and work overalls, and is characterized by good resistance to high temperature washes.

Rubber patch


It is a rubber label, possibly printed, which can be embroidered or applied, obtaining an amazing effect and very professional. This processing is recommended only on heavy items, such as jackets and coats.

Woven patches & labels

This type of personalization allows a very high precision and tightness. The labels, made directly in yarn fabric, with the colors of your company, are then fixed to the work clothing  with a heat press.
The result is a light, durable and very detailed customization that will never fade.

Vintage embroidery patch


The vintage personalization is really original, it consists of one or more layers of matched and embroidered cotton canvas. The frayed-edge trim enhance an extraordinary vintage look.



Laser cutting and egraving process


Embroided laser cut letters

Is the technique of embroidering laser cut fabric, like letters or logos onto a garment. 
This customisation is more appropriate for sweatshirt.

Laser engraved fleecewear


Laser engraving is the practice of using lasers on carvings or extremely accurate markings or on microfiber.
This technology is particularly advantageous for high quality designs as logos, images, letters, etc. They appear as a "dévoré effect", tone on tone on the engraved material. 


Faux leather patches

The use of laser allows to carry out engraving work on leather and eco-leather. This custom label processing can be applied to every piece of clothing.




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