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Employee individual kit

- Delivery of complete kits nominal -


What is it about?

Workwear and professional clothing usually consists of several 'personal' items, as everyone wears different sizes.

The paid-for service "Employee kit" provides for the packaging of each individual uniform or work outfit, indicating the person for whom it is intended on each package.


The creation of an employee kit simplifies the process of distributing the various items that go to make up the work uniform, and allows us to send each package to the relevant office.


Who does it address?



On the one hand, companies with a large number of employees who often have logistical difficulties in distributing individual items to employees.


On the other hand, to companies with several locations distributed throughout the territory.




How to proceed


Simply provide us with the data (name and size) of each employee. We will prepare an individual package for each employee, which will save you a lot of time and resources when distributing your work clothes.



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