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Cast Bolzonella is a producer, retailer and wholesaler of workwear and elegant professional uniforms. We are based in Padua, Turin, Milan, Lugano, Vienna (Austria) and Beifield (Germany).

Workwear: tradition and innovation


The goal that drives our staff is to offer to your company comfortable, pleasant-to-wear and innovative workwear. That is why we are always up-to-date on market trends and maintain a young and fresh mindset.

We also rely on many years of experience. Our company was founded in 1970 and has maintained its enthusiasm and energy over the years.

Your company deserves seriousness and professionalism. We are keen to maintain a clear and direct relationship, and have therefore chosen not to work with dealers and intermediaries.

This allows us to create Certified, Professional and Elegant Clothing Lines that are tailor-made and personalised with lettering and logos.

Our team, consisting of the style and design department, logistics and production departments, is dedicated to studying the details that will make your work uniforms unique. We combine quality and creativity to ensure that you can customise models, fabrics and colours.
We also offer additional services that will make it easier for you to manage and order your stock.

Your needs and wishes will be taken care of by our staff, who will offer you all our experience in the field of workwear, so that you can be followed and advised.


What we can do for your business: discover the services of Cast Bolzonella


Customer feedback and requests have helped us to grow, and we have treasured them. Thanks to them we have been able to develop a whole microcosm of additional services, which integrate and enrich our offer.

Design of style lines, personalisation and branding of workwear, application of the employee's name on their uniform, management of logistics and replenishment of stocks, capillary worldwide shipments, nominal outfits for each employee. All our services are aimed at making the purchase and delivery of your ideal uniforms more streamlined and easier



We already worked with:


These are just some of the many customers we have worked with, and we are proud of them.

The companies that have chosen our work uniforms deal with many different areas: from Facility Management to Food & Beverage, from Medical Service to Industrial Production. Behind each of these logos is a story of design, study and creativity. For us, each of these customers is special.

Eni Biodesign Pools Sisal Pirelli Bondioli & Pavesi
Vaillant Brico Center Gruppo Tomasi Auto Consorzio Nazionale Batterie Esauste Museo del Duomo di Milano Kenwood
Antico Pastificio Morelli Roncato Valigerie Richard Ginori Mapfre Warranty
Centro Convenienza Protezione Civile Emilia Romagna MRS OIL
Apcoa Parking
Zonin Viticultori dal 1821 Corpo Italiano di Soccorso Ordine di Malta


Made in Italy, made for you


What we want to offer you, through our services and products, is the distinctive quality of Made in Italy.

For us, workwear is much more than a mere tool: it is a vehicle of communication, which will make your workers recognisable and allow you to transmit your values to your customers.

Style, Made in Italy tailoring and the safety of certified garments will accompany you every day in your workplace, making it more comfortable and elegant. We are a small company, but we intend to affirm the distinctive value of the Italian Style also abroad, thanks to our collaboration with companies of international calibre.



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"Cast Bolzonella is
Italian Style
wearing in every day job.
Our target is to prove
that Italian high quality clothes
is available to all.."

- Denis Bolzonella


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