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Our professional clothing style is not just a matter of choosing work garments with best look or the finest ones. Or rather, it's not just about that, because our appearance when we wear our wotk clothes , also depends on how much care we put into keeping them in an excellent condition.

  • Our workwear have been with us throughout the workday, don’t making them overtime and expose them to further threats. If when you get home, your children are waiting in the garden more aggressive than ever, working clothes are not the ideal solution, change them.
  • Hanging your clothes when you get undressed it is more important than may seem. Hanging clothes get more air than stored folded in a wardrobe. 
  • If your work is tied to a very specific professional clothing, it would be appropriate to have a couple of changes, in order to make a rotation during the week and leave the clothes worn at least one day, it is better hanging them, as we mentioned in the previous point, thus, extending drees duration.


Maglione collo a V bordeauxIf we take these small habits for our professional clothing, surely it means putting in place practices that help the optimal maintenance of our garments, with all benefits on our professional look and cost-efficient.
Finally, we conclude by giving you a tutorial brief on how to handle occasional stains. If we can remove a stain of our garment, we can avoid an unplanned wash by helping to preserve its quality.Therefore, in case of stain, put in place the following.


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  • Go to the nearest tap.


  • Immerse the garment in warm water and after a while, always with hot water, slide it from the back side of the stain outwards so as to facilitate spilling of stain particles.


  • Immerse the stained part into a soapy water and then start rubbing gently to remove the stain from the fabric.


  • Finally rinse with cold water and, if you have a hot air dryer, use it.
After this mini tutorial you really do have everything to optimally handle the health of your professional clothing helping to last longer and be always looks its best


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