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How to choose the working clothes

Nowday in professional field, to attribute the right value to things that are part of our everyday life is a necessity. Even a simple object can have a crucial impact in our lives and workwear makes no exception.
The choice of your company's workwear should never be dictated simply by personal taste, because when a person is going to decide for a garment, a whole series of elements must be taken into consideration. It could  be more complex than it may seem at first.
We should start from the fundamental matter: workwear is not just part of our daily clothing but, in fact, a work tool. The choice should therefore be based on the characteristics of your job and depending on the context.


Comfort and resistance

When you have to decide on the most suitable garment, there are two most important aspect to be considered, valid for all workers: comfort and resistance.
Workwear is worn for many hours a day, workers have to be equipped with garments which maximize comfort. Workwear should allow your concentration, not distract your attention or even annoy you during the workday.
As well as this first filter in our decision-making process, we must take the resistance factor into consideration. Work clothes are our first security barrier, we have therefore to focus on the kind of fabric they are made of and the level of resistance they can offer.
A typical working day could include traveling on public transport, or visiting customers, or the need to move from the office to a factory's production department. Therefore, we need a work clothing that is suitable for this request for dynamism.


Functionality or Aesthetic?

We are now facing a crossroad depending on the work context. If we operate in the hotel sector, for example, we will have to favor the aesthetic aspect, rather than the safety features, which should not be neglected anyway. Nevertheless, even in this case, the garment must be comfortable and durable to make the worker feel at ease in every contexts and situations.
On the other side we can finde, for example, the construction or production sectors. The most important worker's need in these contexts is to have at his fingertips, easily accessible, the basical tools of his profession. Having various pockets, even optimized for some particular tools such as the ruler, is a primary necessity and workwear must meet these needs.
Obviously, the clothing of your choice, must have an optimal fit to avoid being in any way obstructing, and being made of a resistant fabric to prevent all the potential dangers inherent in the workplace.
Finally, in the choice of workwear there are particular characteristics due to specific tasks such as, for example, the field of welding. In this case, it is necessary to equip workwers with fireproof garments and therefore, in addition to the factors listed above, particular attention must be paid to the quality of the fabric that must meet the safety features required by the specific context.

Not just work

Often we stop on the name of things, in this case clothing, which represents a well-defined definition of what is before our eyes, but at the same time represents a big limit to what that object in question can be in reality. In the case of workwear, many entrepreneurs, but also the employees themselves, believe they have nothing but a work tool, an accessory that serves for their own safety, while in reality they  have also a tool for very effective corporate communication.
Let's take for example the construction sector. Very often in these environments multi-pockets trousers or work vests are the masterpieces ,for the workers need to operate in safety and always to have at hand the basic tools for their work.
But beyond these practical needs, why not think about the item of clothing as a communication tool for your company?it is a mistake to think that looks doesn't matter inside a construction sector,because it is an environment attended by surveyors, architects, engineers, investors, all people who represent business opportunities and for whom it is essential to make a good impression especially with their own staff. This dynamic becomes very clear when we enter, for example, in a workshop inside a car dealership.Raise your hand if you ever seen mechanics working with overalls one different from the other, or that are not in line with the brand they represent. Would you have the feeling of a professional workshop if they were not?
So we understand how simple work trousers can be transformed into something more than a simple piece of workwear. This concept obviously extends to any worker for any type of job and task and also applies to simpler items of clothing, such as normal t-shirts.
A practical example. Consider a computer technician, freelancer, who went to a customer for a small operation. What would benefit its image if it were presented not wearing an anonymous polo shirt but on the contrary with a branded and personalized logo.
Imagine how much you can strengthen your brand, once you have done the job and shaking hands with the satisfied customer wearing your own personalized work t-shirt: a handshake, a smile, a positive evaluation and finally our logo at seal everything.
But beyond the strengthening of the corporate image, then, we must not forget that clothing is a fundamental element of personal branding. Consider, for example, the sector of business consultants, where for the freelancers on the market, work shirts are almost a piece of clothing required to convey a professional, serious, but at the same time dynamic and reactive personal image, to face the most varied work dynamics present in the contexts where they have to offer their service.


Promotional clothing


But if we understand, then, that workwear is a communication tool as well as a work tool, we can also think of extending the concept by ensuring that our clothing is also a promotional tool worn not only by ourselves or from our employees, but why not, from our customers. Do not underestimate the power of promotions and the propaganda value that can have an investment, for example, in promotional work sweatshirts.

People who work mainly in the context of manual work, always need new clothing, due to the high degree of stress and deterioration to which the garments are subjected, and why not come against this need by offering them our promotional work sweatshirts, for example?Something for free is hardly refused and having one of our customers with our sweatshirt around the world, in terms of visibility of our brand and affiliation with the customer, it is surely a good investment.




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