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The corporate image and the work uniforms


The suits that we put on for work, must absolve to determinate aims applied to the functionality or to certain standards of image, according to the context in which one finds us.

Particularly, one of the principal functions of the working clothes, regards the reinforcement of the company’s image through the coherence of colours, style and brand.

A company, in fact, spreads its own values and vision, not only through the traditional communication canals, like advertis1ing or customer service, but with any interaction, relationship or contact with the customer.

The staff, then, becomes the first means of communication of the own values, that’s why work uniforms become an aspect that must reflect them in the best way.

A young and dynamic company can choose to focus on casual or trendy style, while a company that links the own image to values of reliability and elegance should focus on work uniforms that spreads glamorous impression.

To meet this need, we have thought of several solutions for the creation of uniforms and work uniforms that can represent a true extension of your brand’s image.

We will accompany you in the choice of your employees clothing, not on the basis of a personal taste, but studying the image your company wants to transmit, from the logo to the locations where your brand be present.

Inside a hotel, for example, when you decide to cast uniforms for  receptionist, concierge, housekeepers, etc. you need to maintain a certain coherence between the interior and external hotel structure, the corporate brand and your staff, opting for a characteristic and branding clothing



For each role its uniform

Public welcome and contact


The pursuit of corporate image coherence through professional clothing must also involve those who are more or less in contact with the public and requires immediate recognition.

This is necessary, for example, in the case of guard and concierge uniforms, which require careful selection. These roles, in fact, are integral part of the structure and therefore of the customer experience.

The same policy applies to the organization of large extemporaneous events and the choice of hostess or steward uniforms. Rather than relying on the clothing used by the host structure, you should evaluate whether it is necessary to create customized uniforms that reinforce the organized event message.


Security and surveillance

This concept obviously also applicable regarding the vigilance uniforms. Of course, in this case, we must find the right balance between appearance and wearability, because in addition to convey a sense of security, it must allow maximum comfort and functionality to the wearer.


Food Service


Another area where the uniforms are an important means of communicating corporate values is that of food service and catering. Also in this area we offer a wide range of products to allow you to find the most suitable for your restaurant.

We recommend choosing the garments in harmony with the characteristic atmosphere of the place and the kitchen, preferring warm colors for a more traditional location, or cooler colors, paired in brilliant combinations, for an avant-garde dining environment.


Health care, medical and beauty care

In these areas the choice of uniforms is closely linked to specific tasks, but you can still wander among many color options, thereby combining technical needs with aesthetic ones to get a personalized and recognizable image.


In conclusion

We have seen how certain jobs and working environments require standardized uniforms , but this does not limit customization capabilities, thereby to make work uniforms that are perfectly integrated with its business reality.



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