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Wholesale only to end-users



ClientiOur customers


Cast Bolzonella looks to end users who need to brand name company’s identity by customizing clothes and workwear or promotional attire.







No dealers

No dealers


Our business philosophy of pursuit of excellence, engaging customers necessity and an extremely high personalization options not contemplate dealers, resellers or retail partnership.






Minimum purchasing

Only wholesale orders


We have establish a minimum purchase amount not less than € 1.000,00 VAT excluded.






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In order to request an offer follow as below:


  1. Select your product
  2. Click “Free quotation”;
  3. Click “Go on browsing” or “Conclude your request”;
  4. Indicate your amount and upload your customized graphic file

Otherwise email us your offer request at:




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Via Inghilterra, 15a
35010 - Vigonza (PD)


Phone: +39-049.8640809


Partita IVA IT02513930285

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