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Antiviral fabric workwear

Immagine della tecnologia ViralOff che riduce il 99% dei virus in 2 ore

The antiviral fabric, thanks to the ViralOff treatment, rapidly destroys 99% of the viruses present on clothing, preventing the proliferation of pathogens harmful to health and the formation of smells. All this in full respect of environmental sustainability.

ViralOff has been chosen as the best technological innovation of 2020 by the Scandinavian Outdoor Group!

How does the ViralOff antiviral treatment work?

Textiles are the ideal place for viruses, which can remain active there for many days or even months, compromising your health and that of those around you.

Thanks to ViralOff it is possible to reduce viral activity on fabrics in just two hours through the action of an important biocide, called silver chloride. Its unique physical and chemical properties allow it to act as a magnet attracting the virus and immobilizing it.

ViralOff is designed to perform the antiviral action on the widest possible range of items, from medical devices such as gowns and overalls, to any other type of clothing that needs protection. The treatment is applied to the fabric in the final phase of production, and for this reason it is possible to create an ad hoc line of clothing that adapts to every kind of business.

The effectiveness of the antiviral treatment has been tested against Influenza A, Avian Influenza, Norovirus and Coronavirus (SARS), and demonstrated by the ISO 18184:2019 test.


Protect your skin with ECO PASSPORT certification by OEKO-TEX

The ViralOff treatment takes care of your health and with the Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex certification we want to give you extra security.

This certification ensures that the chemicals used in the manufacture of textile products are free of harmful substances, thus ensuring maximum sustainability and environmental friendliness.

In addition, as demonstrated by numerous skin sensitivity tests, the product does not interfere with the natural bacterial flora and can come into contact with the epidermis without creating problems, in full compliance with European and international standards of reference.


3 good reasons to choose ViralOff

1: Protects your health and that of those around you

To defend yourself against viruses, it is important to take care of your clothing. ViralOff was created specifically to eliminate the spread of viruses in textile products. In this way you will no longer need to wash your clothes every time you wear them, because the treatment is long-lasting and always effective.

Warning: the treatment protects the garment and is not intended to prevent the disease. A ViralOff face mask, for example, will not prevent the virus from passing through it, but will ensure that it does not live on its surface for a long time.

2: Remove smell

The main cause of smell formation in clothes is viruses. ViralOff, by destroying 99% of the viral agents that are deposited in the fabrics, eliminates the root of the problem, leaving the clothes fresh and fragrant as just taken out of the washing machine.

3: Reduces environmental impact

Products treated with ViralOff treatment, unlike untreated garments, do not need to be washed after each use because, as already mentioned, viruses and consequently smells are eliminated. By washing the garments less frequently, it is possible to save water and energy, significantly reducing the impact on the environment. Moreover, thanks to the absence of viruses, the material lasts longer and you won't have to discard it after a short time. By using clothes for just nine months longer, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 16%, water usage by 20% and waste by 8%.

Our products with antiviral treatment

Our products with antiviral treatment are available for minimum orders of 500 pieces.

Antiviral product line for men
Casacca uomo blu, manica lunga con tessuto antivirale Casacca uomo blu, manica corta con tessuto antivirale Pantalone uomo blu, con elastico in vita e tessuto antivirale Camice uomo, con collo alla coreana e tessuto antivirale
Antiviral product line for women
Casacca donna verde, manica lunga con tessuto antivirale Casacca donna verde, manica corta con tessuto antivirale Pantalone donna verde, con elastico in vita e tessuto antivirale Camice donna, con collo alla coreana e tessuto antivirale

All these items can be made with colors on request, including Pantone colors. Here are some examples:

Colori disponibili degli articoli con tessuto antivirale

This fabric can be used in the manufacture of any garment. Below are some examples of garments that can be made with ViralOff technology.


Examples of other garments that can be made with antiviral fabric for a minimum of 500 pieces
Modello di t-shirt arancione manica corta, che può essere realizzata con tessuto antivirale Modello di felpa rossa girocollo, che può essere realizzata con tessuto antivirale Modello di pantalone multitasche grigio, che può essere realizzato con tessuto antivirale Modello di camicia azzurra manica lunga, che può essere realizzata con tessuto antivirale Modello di tuta da lavoro blu, che può essere realizzata con tessuto antivirale


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